Vedic Art

“Vedic Art does not teach you how to paint.
Vedic Art is a method to help you to remember how to paint.”
Curt Källman

Vedic Art has been developed by the Swedish artist Curt Källman. He created a method that combines academic painting with the Vedic philosophy. The ancient Vedas teaching explains that any knowledge needed to create, is already present in ourselves. It is part of our human nature.

The way to remember this hidden knowledge and to activate the natural skills that are present inside ourselves passes through 17 phases. Vedic art applies to everybody. It isn't important whether one followed previous artistic education or has any painting experience at all.

While painting, feelings will develop, you will progressively come at home in yourself and you will experience the full process of creation. At that moment art and life merge into one.

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I offer courses in Belgium and Spain (Andalucia) • Basic course • Continuation course • Advanced courses

• Teacher trainings: Teacher training A/B, to give basic courses. Teacher training C, to give continuation courses. Teacher training KIDS, to give Vedic Art to children/ familycourses.