Maryse Alen was born in spring 1966 in Olen (Belgium). As a child, she passed much time in the paint studio of her grandfather, a landscape painter. She was fascinated by the colours and their magic action on the canvas. One day she could paint her first painting. Without thinking she selected the colours that called to her, and started playing with light, form and colour. She let develop spontaneously what wanted to be born. The world of colours was well known to her, because born with a heart defect, she frequently found herself in the world of colours when her heart 'forgot' to make 'contact'. Painting became from this first beginning a way to express this world where she united with colours and light. She studied art academy, and although she collected a lot of knowledge and skill, she realized rapidly this was not her way to follow. Painting contained much more for her, it was as essential as eating and drinking. She'd got to paint !

At her 31st year , at last, the final diagnosis was made. After the heart surgery, the world of colours had disappeared, but her internal colours remained visible through her paintings. She went through a phase where her paintings taught her how to learn to 'live' rather than to survive. After this period of inner travel, she ended up in Australia. She landed firmly with feet on the ground, when she climbed there the ancient sacred mountain Gulaga. For the Aboriginals Gulaga means 'Come Home': the mountain calls you, to come home inside yourself, inside your inner nature, using nature itself. From that moment she became aware of nature and of the creative power everywhere and deep in ourselves. A year later she discovered the Vedic Art, and travelled to Sweden. Here she came 'home'. The circle was full. Art and Life merged, becoming Life-Art. She started to teach Vedic Art in Kasterlee, Belgium and became coördinator for Belgium and the Netherlands. At this moment she lives in Spain (Capileira) and she's International Vedic Art teacher & teachertrainer. She organizes courses and trainings in Spain and Belgium.

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Photos studio in Svibo (Öland-Sweden) - summer 2013

Sweden 2016