Vedic Art has been developed by the Swedish artist Curt Källman (1938 - 2010). Although he was educated in the traditional art academy in Stockholm, quite early he started to work in his own way and to follow his own path. Inspired and coached by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (well known in transcendent meditation) he created a method where he combines Art with Vedic philosophy. Here it becomes clear that all knowledge we need to create, is already present in ourselves, it is part of our nature. Like a seed 'knows' that it is predestined to become a flower. If one develops his way that leads him to his destination, he will come into a perfect balance.
Using the 17 principles, Vedic Art brings you in a creative process from point to infinity.

"From the beginning, when we first hear of the 17 principles of Vedic Art, we tap into the nature of existence, the story of life: where we have come from and where we are going."
Curt Källman

Today, his son Johannes Källman continues his father's life work on the island Öland (Sweden) where Curt teached Vedic Art for many years. In summer, participants from all over the world join on this magnificent island to follow the courses.

More info on Vedic Art in Öland : www.vedicart.com